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Photo Contest Winners

And the winners are....

Quarter 1: 2016

"Hobo" Lowe

Congratulations, Hobo!  You've won the Animal Clinic of Tomahawk photo contest for the months of January through April!
Quarter 4: 2015

"Jovi" Peplinski

Jovi has been voted the cutest of Fall/Winter 2015!  Congratulations and Happy New Year!
Quarter 3: 2015

"Rogue" McAllister

Congratulations, Rogue! 
You've won our final photo contest of 2015!  Happy New Year!

Quarter 2: 2015

"Surma" Theut

Surma is getting to be quite the celebrity!  Not only has she been featured in the Tomahawk Leader, but now she has won our photo contest!  Congratulations, Surma!
January 2015

"Bailee" Crowell

With an end-of-the-month come from behind win, "Bailee" wins the first photo contest of the new year!  Congratulations and Happy New Year!
December 2014

"Fynn" Klein

You move so fast, even the camera can't keep up!  Even with a blurry photo, you win the best of the month!  Come visit the clinic to claim your prize!

November 2014

"Hairy" Sineni

Congrats to our first feline photo winner!  Come pick up your $5.00 gift certificate at the clinic!
October 2014

"Bailey" Street

Bailey wins the cutest pet photo for the month of October with 28% of the total votes.  Be sure to keep voting all year long!
September 2014

"Sassy Ann" Dudek

Wow!  With the highest percentage so far, Sassy Ann wins with a whopping 65%!  Congratulations and nice job voting!

August 2014

"Coco" Gohre

Congratulations Coco!  With an overwhelming 54%, you have been captured in the cutest pet photo this month!  Come to to clinic an claim your $5.00 gift certificate!
July 2014

"Dino" Kincaid & "Lola" Schiltz

We have a tie!  With 23% each, these two have won their owners/parents $5.00 each!  Congratulations!
June 2014

"Lucky" Clifford

Way to go, Lucky!  You've just scored a $5.00 Gift Certificate to use at Animal Clinic of Tomahawk!.  Congratulations with 30% of this month's votes!
May 2014

"Molly" Wagner

Kicking off the summer right with a $5.00 Gift Certificate!  Congratulations with 38.5% of the votes!
April 2014

"Missy" Sparr

Congratulations!  Totally 47.3% of the votes, "Missy" wins the photo contest for the month of April!
March 2014

"Sparky" Haring

Congratulations!  Again with 50% of the total votes, you have won the March edition of the Animal Clinic of Tomahawk Photo Contest!
February 2014

"Maggie" Israel

Congratulations!  With 50% of the total votes, You're the first winner of our Animal Clinic of Tomahawk Pet Photo Contest!