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Located in downtown Tomahawk, Wisconsin, our veterinary clinic strives to provide the best veterinary care at the most affordable prices to ensure all of your four-legged family members are healthy, happy, and well!

Throughout this website, you can find various information including brief histories about our doctor and staff, contact information, directions, as well as an abbreviated list of our products and services.

Canine Influenza (H3N2) Outbreak
As I'm sure many have heard, there has been an outbreak of canine influenza in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.  There has also been documented cases in and around Madison, WI. 

An effective vaccine exists for last year's strain of the virus (H3N8), and is still recommended.  However due to demand, it has been put on allocation by the company (meaning they are distributing the vaccine to areas with the highest need and risk).  We are doing our best to meet your pets needs and local dogs who are at risk (due to owner travel etc.) can be vaccinated here granted we have the vaccine in stock. 

Visiting dog parks and socializing with unfamiliar dogs is discouraged at this time; if your dog shows any signs of canine influenza, it is incredibly important that he/she is immediately quarantined away from other dogs in order to limit the spread of the virus. 

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We have the ability to order a large variety of foods, like the following:

      Canidae/Felidae        Chicken Soup
      Taste of the Wild       Holistic
      Blue                         Iams/Eukanuba
      Merrick                     EVO
      Natural Balance         Nutro
      Innova                       Karma

               And Many More...

Orders are best placed ONE MONTH in advance in order to avoid a delivery fee.
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